Advanced Security

Lights ∙ Cameras ∙ Gates ∙ Codes ∙ Police Presence

About Storage is ideally located on Sebastian Airport property, with Sebastian police within a quarter mile of our site.
In addition to our own security and new surveillance systems, our perimeter road has video surveillance by the Sebastian P.D.

Security Features

  • 24/7 indoor and outdoor security with newly updated, comprehensive, state-of-the-art monitoring
  • 24-hour HD infrared security camera surveillance throughout the facility
  • Brightly lit buildings, interiors, driveways, and parking areas
  • Outdoor lighting throughout
  • Interiors automatically lit
  • Controlled access with personalized codes at entrance and exit gates
  • Individualized unit door locks
  • Fully fenced facility
  • Perimeter road is monitored by the Sebastian Police Department

Security cameras follow traffic and other movement on the property,
which is fenced, gated, and well lit, inside and out.

Both the entrance and exit gates have keypads for personal codes.